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A BFA Culminating Exhibition 

Spring 2020








Gisela Ramirez

Mentors: Professor Eileen Macdonald 

         Professor Sue Whitmore

     Professor Dillon Rapp


   Through the course of time, human migration has changed the ways traditions are practiced. Cultures continuously grow. They shift and transform, becoming more diverse, often combining with other cultures with the emergence of new generations. My work focuses on how Mexican-American traditions are viewed across the borders and generations, through exploring my own cultural identity. By memorializing the shift in new and old traditions and seeking to create a sense of belonging, my work opens up a narrative for others who may feel disconnected or want to reconnect with their cultures. 

    My work relies on re-contextualizing objects, placing them in different environments. Exaggerating perspective and scale, I’m able to create dream-like narratives that reflect instability and change. I utilize traditional printmaking techniques because of the long process and ability to create variables. Using repeated imagery creates a metaphor for how traditions evolve and change through time, I explore emotion through obsessive mark making with line and texture. I seek to find my own voice among artists like Humberto Saenz, Ester Hernandez, and Cathy Lu, who advocate for and represent minorities by addressing issues of activism, immigration, and the authenticity of merging cultures.

    I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to my three mentors, Kelly Lindner, friends, family, and those who have guided me through the years. Your wisdom and knowledge has shaped my development as a student and an artist. Without your guidance and support, this exhibition would not have been possible.

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