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About Me

     Gisela Ramirez is first generation born in the states, daughter of Mexican immigrants. She is a queer Mexican-American artist based in Los Angeles who works with different art mediums, like printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, watercolor and gouache.


     She attended university in Northern California at California State University, Chico. She has a BFA in Printmaking and BA in Art Education emphasis in Ceramics. There she was awarded the Janet Turner Print Memorial Scholarship, excellence in printmaking and the Lt. Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award for outstanding academic and professional accomplishments.

     Since then she has worked for two different LA companies who focus on mass production of ceramic wares/sculptures. Gaining experience with production work of thrown and hand-built clay sculptures. While also participating in group exhibitions across states to Ohio, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas, and Pennsylvania.


      Participating in group shows with other artists who also work with themes of human migration, tradition, culture, identity, and displacement.


      Her work explores socio-political issues related to immigration and gentrification of marginalized Mexican-Americans in the US. She draws inspiration from her own family’s migration story and her own struggles with poverty and government welfare systems, she works with themes of displacement and generational memory to explore her own cultural identity as a Mexican American. Feeling the impacts of white privilege and generational trauma from colonial oppressors in America. She explores emotion through her use of mark making, utilizing line and texture to reference the change and instability of the environment. She hopes to create a sense of belonging for others who may feel disconnected from their culture or generation.

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